About Us

Yanafella Healthcare enables staff and the business to work as one, creating habits, that will aid excellent practices.  We aid businesses to meet the industry regulations and standards that are necessary as well as assist with evidence of compliance.

How Yanafella Healthcare can help you ?


  • Embed a positive culture : Identify poor culture , recommend and implement action plans.
  • Improve patient safety : Put patients at the epicentre of all activities.
  • Develop your zone of expertise : Training staff to be able to deliver according to strategic plans to improve performance and reduce risk.
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We will avail​

ourselves on a project basis, one off and or as an ongoing service. Think of us as a hybrid service provider when you are overwhelmed as a company and need relief as required. No governance can have devastating effects.​

Bonani Mapundu

Founded in 2018 by Bonani Mapundu as a response to working as a consultant for SME’s. She felt it was time to formalise the services and ensure that healthcare professionals ensure patient safety and that organisations always meet regulatory standards.