Our Services

Governance Management ​

We will be assisting and providing you a way that will maintain processes, controls and training where required

 We will ensure that processes that balance  leadership and the rest of the team are utilised effectively, in achieving organisational goals 

Clinical and corporate governance systems are intrinsically linked, although each has its own objectives. As an external company we will support you to ensure that the two bring the right stakeholders together, establishing a shared understanding of each other’s objectives, aligning incentives and the rules of engagement with prioritised activities.


Compliance Management ​

We have a team that has a vast experience with regulatory bodies, e.g CQC, NMC and GMC

We will ensure that all requirements for compliance are up to date and disseminated across the organisation at all times. 

We will ensure that reports are produced as per organisation strategy and schedule.

Most of all, we aim to work with you to enhance your vision and implementation of remedial action to remain compliant

Independent Review

Allow us as a second party to come and take a bird’s eye view of what may be hindering progress or good outcomes in your organisation.

We will ask all the Whys until we find the route cause of the set backs.

We will come up recommendations for corrective actions


We will conduct internal audits as per industry specifications , protocols, and standards.
For clients who are not actively engaged with third-party certification audits, we will assist you to perform an internal audit programme across your organization.
Our main focus in this area is to help manage risk and drive effective business results.

Complaints Management ​

Poor feedback will affect the reputation of an organisation. How complaints are handled will set you apart even where mistakes have been made. We will support you to handle Healthcare Complaints, Appeals and Grievances.
We will ensure that we aid in delivering an effective solution for fast and efficient resolution for complaints, appeals and grievances to enhance customer satisfaction.


We offer flexible learning to our partners.
Report writing
Root Cause Analysis